Welcome to Histocenter AB

Histocenter was founded in 1988 and is today a leading company in histotechnology. The business consists of participation in research projects, clinical trials and clinical research, as well as preparation of clinical samples.

We cooperate with the pharmaceutical industry, universities’ medical institutions, government institutions and hospitals throughout Sweden and also internationally.

When you choose to work with us, you will also have unlimited access to our knowledge and experience. This includes biomedical analysts, biomedicines, laboratory assistants and administrators who together create a broad knowledge and good conditions for delivering a high-quality product. 

Histocenter operates in Gothenburg and is owned by Histolab products AB since 2017 which in turn is part of the Finnish Algol Group. At allabolag, you can read more information about the company’s board and finances, etc. Histolab is one of the leading suppliers of complete solutions to clinical and research laboratories in the Nordic region. They offers a wide range of instruments, consumables, chemicals, antibodies, reagents and storage. The products are used daily by companies that see reliable test results as a given fact in their work.

Read more about Histolab’s operations here. The acquisition of Histocenter gives both operations an opportunity to develop and strengthen their positions in the market.