Histology is the study of biological tissue and the science of the microscopic structure of normal tissues. Histocenter offers services throughout the histological process. With long experience and broad competence, the work is adapted in each step to optimize the result.


A good fixation is necessary to get a good morphological image. Histocenter mainly uses 4% buffered formaldehyde but also Carnoy’s, Ethanol or Davidsson’s. Histocenter is happy to assist customers with choosing the right fixation solution.


In order to obtain an optimal preparation, it is required that the samples are cut out in such a way that they correspond to the wishes when it comes to obtaining an optimal fixation and the correct orientation of the samples. At Histocenter, we both receive finished blocks and do the entire process on site according to the agreement with the customer.


We decalcify in EDTA. The time in descaling fluid varies depending on the size of the sample. Minimum time is about 1.5 weeks. Large preparations can take up to several months.


Histocenter adapts the dehydration method to the size and consistency of the sample to obtain the most optimal dehydration possible. We normally dehydrate in instruments with vacuum and pressure, but on special occasions we dehydrate by hand to get the best possible result.


We embed the sample in a suitable medium adapted to the character of the sample and other preparation. The embedding is done in paraffin or by freezing.


The sectioning is adapted to each sample and its embedding medium such as paraffin or freezer.


We offer a variety of histological stainings. See our range of accredited stainings here.

Contact us if you wish for a staining that is not included in our regular range, we are always working to find a solution to all inquiries.